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viernes, 26 de abril de 2013

Rubrics for our Final Project.

The semester is almost over and now we are working on our Final Projects. That consist in a proposal on how to improve the English learning by using any of the sotfwares that we have seen in class.
Alonzo and I are working in the elaboration of the rubrics for our project, this is the result but we have to improve it!


Rubrics Hot Potatoe1.docx by Isis Hernández Colli

domingo, 14 de abril de 2013


Podcasting is an interesting tool to show your points of view without typing, because you just have to use your mouth. In this podcast I made, I talk a little about the different uses of podcasting in school and in everyday life.

lunes, 8 de abril de 2013

What I have learnt so far..

So far this semester I have learnt to handle certain softwares that facilitate teaching and learning of English. These softwares, such as, Glogster, Mindomo, prezi, have provided a more comprehensive understanding to help us in both the present and the future in order to prepare an English class and provide a more enjoyable and effective way to learn not only English but other subjects. These softwares allow a close connection between the students and the teacher as they are fed through technological means.

miércoles, 13 de marzo de 2013

Weblogs in education ESL/EFL

Weblogs have been useful since its creation, and originally they served as a method of easy access to find links. As the years have passed, they have been used for different purposes. Among these is the academic environment, which has made ​​use of weblogs as due to them for a teacher can assign tasks that will then be reviewed by the blog. Also worth noting that contributed to the student's communication with the teacher. As weblogs had a specific purpose for a few years, these have been used in different ways to have more coverage among people who read blogs. The objectives of weblogs are sharing information through posts, videos, pictures, etc so other people who are interested in that information comment about what has been posted.
Among the instructional methods that can be used with a weblog I can mention: "Discussion" and "Tutorial". Discussion since this allows the feedback between the blogger and the person who reads the blog. And Tutorial, because through a blog it's possible to teach people, and if one is going to teach something, obviously we have to put the steps. When having a weblog you are able to upload the information that you find interesting. Not necessarily have to be related to the school, but if it were, that's good!